Friday, June 8, 2012

The Bastards Will Never Give Up!

You won't believe it, but the following is a postcard sent out by the Independent Oil & Gas Association of New York, fracking lobbyists, to push for gas drilling in the State of New York. 

And they'll probably get their nasty little way too, because New Yorkers are not as outraged about this issue as they should be.  We've already seen in Wisconsin what happens when those of us on the left aren't mobilized against the insidious campaigns of the right-wing in this country.  And it's happening all over again in New York with this issue.  Believe me, corporate gas money will make it virtually impossible for Cuomo to resist opening up the state to fracking.

And it's our state's naturally resources that will be all fracked up if we allow this to happen.

Be sure to sign the Working Families Party's petition to Governor Cuomo today!

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