Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Less War, More Cool Eco Stuff

By several estimates, our military adventures in Iraq and Afganistan will cost the American tax payer 1.3 trillion dollars by the end of 2011. It strikes me that this money could probably be put to much better use than extirminating human life.

There is no end to the good that intelligent and resourceful people could accomplish if all the money that we are currently squandering in Iraq and Afganistan were suddenly used to solve some of the grave social, enocomic and enviromental problems currently plaguing our society. Imagine if all that money we are spending in Iraq was used instead to develop alternative renewable sources of energy that could reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Or if these funds were used to develop fuel cell technology for automobiles. Or if the trillion dollars was used to provide a finanacial incentive for families to install solar paneling on their homes. Imagine the enormous good that could come from using the precious dollars of the American taxpayers for programs that might actually benefit themselves and their children.

But this is mere speculation. The military industrial complex has always been looking for ways to get the taxpayer to foot the bill for monstrous weapons that can more efficently kill those who are unable to protect themselves against us. And there is nobody in our government who is so much as wispering about this nefarious connection between bloated corporate profits and our need for endless war.

But just in case you were wondering what specifically could be accomplished if the war in Iraq was suddenly to end tomorrow, you may want to check out the fabulous program developed by the National Priorities Program. You will probably cry when you see the possibilities that will never materialize thanks to this war, but perhaps, at least, your tears may ultimately prove redemptive.


  1. I understand that the war has gone on for a very long time and the money towards it could be going somewhere much more worth while but you say read about all the things that we could do if we end the war tomorrow. What if all those things aren't good and save us money or what if we end the war and terrorists come attack us on our homeland? What if thousands and millions of people are killed after we leave not just Americans all the other citizens in the countries we are occupying at the moment? The terrorists can take over and have a mass genocide then come over here and we could experience another 9/11. Is the saving of money and more "eco stuff" worth the risk of innocent peoples lives?

  2. War will continue as long as it's more profitable to make weapons than more useful products. Take away the excessive profits that the Military Industrail Complex makes and there will be no reason any longer for war.


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