Friday, February 15, 2008

Post-Materialism in a Nutshell

Here is one of the most interesting pieces that I have seen on voluntary simplicity. A bit artsy, perhaps, but it explains in a nutshell exactly why you would want to opt out of the Western materialistic rat race:

Consume less, make art, live free!


  1. Would like to see this video, but it is not operating.

    Simple living in general is the most powerful force the enviornmental movement can harnass.

  2. I'm happy this guy is doing his thing. Seems like a good guy.

    One question - does he have a wife and kids? The way he talks is like someone who has no responsibility for others.

    Which is fine, but he talks as if everyone else is morally inferior to him b/c they have a car, a house, a regular job. It is implied in everything he says.

    Can't eco-warriors live their life without denigrating others? B/C they don't live like him doesn't mean they are materialistic wasters of God' good earth.

    Again, the enviornmental movement is a non-starter if it boils down to this kind of radical and elitist attitude.

    Welcome more people, more opinions, more ways of life.

    We'll need a lot of cooperation if you want get anything positive done.

  3. The voluntary simplicity movement is filled with people just like you who are married, have families and community responsibilities. The guy in the video, who is an artist, is simply taking "post-materialism" to its logical conclusion. If we really want to overcome the crass materialism of American society, this necessitates having some idealistic folks opt out completely from the consumer lifestyle...if only to set an example for the rest of us.

  4. I can go with that, as long as it doesn't turn into denigrating others and preachy self-righteousness.

    Attract more flies with honey . . .


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