Friday, April 25, 2008

The Vegetarian Alternative

Two weeks ago I asked a few students, faculty and administrators at Molloy to participate in a little video project called, "The Vegetarian Alternative: Why Our Food Choices Matter." The idea was to see if we could put together a "documentary" on an important social topic using only inexpensive technology (we chose the $139 Flip video recorder) and free video editing software (Microsoft's Moviemaker). The result was not quite a masterpiece, but it does give campus carnivors and vegetarians the opportunity to talk about the significance of their daily food choices.

Many thanks to those students, faculty, and administrators who were generous enough to participate in this project.


  1. Interesting documentary. The students and faculty all did a great job defending the vegetarian lifestyle.

  2. Your campus minister was great. I also have no problem with people who want to eat grass and twigs as long as they don't try to inflict their views on the rest of us.

    As for you Angelina...I am absolutely sure that we are of the same mind!

  3. As a committed vegetarian, I found the attitudes of your students about their food choices to be extremely interesting. I am impressed that so many young people recognize the moral implications of what they choose to put in their mouths. It makes me extremely hopeful for the future of our planet.

  4. I've been on the fence and this pushed me toward the veggie side. The majority of meat advocates looked unhealthier than the vegetarians, coincidence? I'm just amazed at the amount of convenience food the students eat. Maybe we should teach them practical Home Economics.


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