Monday, March 19, 2012

Creating Something Special

I'm really happy to be part of something positive and life-affirming like EcoBlog.  Sometimes it seems as though all there is on the web is angry, ugly, divisive ideas that leave you feeling like there's absolutely no hope for the future.

That's not to say that I'm not fearful about what we're doing to our planet.  Climate change has been having an impact on the Northwest, just as it has on the rest of the country.  But coming from a progressive part of the country, I've also seen what can happen when committed people work together to make a difference.  Believe me, change can happens.  Sometimes it happens at a maddeningly slow pace, but it does happen.

I was doing an outdoor art class recently with a group of fourth graders and I was totally blown away by how important they thought caring for the environment was.  These kids have grown up understanding that we are all part of nature and that you can't trash the planet without it having a negative impact on all of us.  That gives me cause for hope in the future. 

That's why I agreed to be part of Ecoblog.  I think that when people really begin to understand the problems facing our planet and are offered more sustainable options for living out their lives, they will respond in positive ways. 

The new Ecoblog that is currently under construction will offer simple, practical steps that everyone can take to live with less of an environmental impact.  Please let us know what you think and offer your own suggestions about what you'd like to see on this site.


  1. your blog is great!

  2. Cameron (Bridgeport)March 20, 2012 at 7:30 PM

    I agree. You're doing great work with this site, Sara!!!


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